Vancouver! Join Us for Swift Campout on June 23rd, 2018!

Vancouver! Join Us for Swift Campout on June 23rd, 2018!

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Hey peeps! If you're in Vancouver, you're welcome to join us for a group bike camping trip on the weekend of the summer solstice. We're super excited to camp with you again.

What is Swift Campout?

Swift Campout is an annual event organized by the wonderful folks at Swift Industries down in Seattle. It's a global call for people all around the world to rally their crew and head out for a bike-overnight on the June solstice. You can organize your own ride, or you can join someone else who's hosting a public campout. So that's where we come in!

Who's going? 

Anyone! Seriously. Last year we had first-time bike campers, seasoned veterans, and lots of people in between. 


We're heading to Porpoise Bay Provincial Park on the Sunshine Coast.



By bike, of course! And really, any bike you want. The paved route from the ferry to camp is about 25 km and not crazy hilly, with plenty of stops for ice cream and snacks and beaches along the way.

The off-road route is as hilly as you'd like it to be, and very challenging. Those who rode the off-road route last year spent about 7 hours making it to camp, not because of the distance, but the hilly terrain and singletrack riding.

Most people will probably ride the road route but you can decide for yourself!

Jake's Pacific Northwest Do-All Trek 970

Jake's Pacific Northwest Do-All Trek 970